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Maeve provides informative presentations and education programmes for all types of groups.
Examples of groups that have used this service in the past are:

Healthy eating
Healthy eating is important for everyone. Maeve can provide an informative, interesting and interactive programme for any group wanting to learn more on healthy balanced eating

Healthy eating during pregnancy

If you are part of an antenatal class / group or would just like to get a few friends together, Maeve can provide a comprehensive, informative, enjoyable and interactive update on the essential aspects of nutrition during pregnancy.

Nutrition in Children

From babies to adolescents, good nutrition is essential for growing bodies and minds to reach their potential and establish good health for life. Maeve will provide nutrition programmes for children of all ages, parents, schools or any group who may be interested in learning about healthy eating.

Healthy eating and lifestyle in the workplace

Many of us spend up to 70% of our week in our workplace. Making small changes to our daily work routine, diet and environment can make significant changes to our physical and mental health...provision of healthy foods, encouraging exercise opportunities and an appropriate environment can make such a difference to your work employees and colleauges job satisfaction and productivity.

Healthy eating and lifestyle in the over 60’s

We are all living longer. Eating a good diet and getting appropriate physical and mental exercise is essential for continued good quality of life. Maeve can provide education programmes or one off presentations to any groups looking to understand more about nutrition and healthy living.

Sports Nutrition

Your sports performance, stamina and ability to improve strength and fitness are directly related to what you eat and drink. Simple guidelines and education on nutrition and hydration can make the key difference to achieving your goals. Maeve is available for a one-off general presentation on diet and sport or a more detailed education programme on the key aspects of nutrition and sport.

Weight management

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is not always easy. What we eat is important but only one part of the equation. Exercise, motivation, behavior change and positive mental attitude are all essential in achieving a long term healthier and happier body and life. Weight management programmes are available for all types of groups.

Diet and your heart

Heart disease is one of the main chronic diseases in Ireland. Eating a healthy diet and having a healthy lifestyle can help to prevent or delay heart disease and also reduce the risk of recurrence. Learning about these key points in a comfortable group environment can empower you to improve your quality of life and protect your heart.

Diet and diabetes

Diabetes is an increasing problem in the Irish population. Having a healthy diet and lifestyle can help to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes and also decrease the risk of complications or poor health for those with diabetes. Maeve can provide an informative, comprehensive presentation or programme on prevention and managing diabetes.

Eating disorders: Sensible eating for a healthy body and mind

The incidence of eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia are increasingly common in our society. This can be of great concern to family, friends, partners and teachers of those who are suffering with this condition. Maeve can provide information programmes on sensible eating for any groups who would like to learn more about eating disorders and how to support people with disordered eating.