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Corporate and Media

Newspapers, Magazines, journals, interviews, presentations

Maeve provides well written informative and interesting articles on all aspects of diet and wellbeing. Interesting and useful articles in this area may be:

Being a healthy weight
Nutrition and pregnancy
Nutrition for strong bones
Good nutrition for health, beauty and vitality.
Sensible eating for those with eating disorders
Losing weight the healthy and sustainable way
Nutrition for babies, breast, bottle and onwards
Nutrition in children
Nutrition in fussy teenagers
Diet and stress management
Diet and diabetes
Diet and heart health
Inflammatory bowel disease
Irritable bowel syndrome
and many more

If you would like Maeve to write an article please call to discuss your requirements on 086 8156180

Corporate :

Promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace makes for a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

Maeve can provide presentations to large groups or interactive programmes for smaller groups on healthy diet and lifestyle or any aspect of nutrition.

Please call Maeve on 086 8156180 to discuss your requirements further.