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Maeve is available for appointments in suite 30 in the Galway Clinic.

Initial appointment will be approximately 50 minutes and will include a detailed assessment of your diet and lifestyle as well as taking appropriate measurements. Education and advice on managing your diet and lifestyle as well as a written plan and supporting literature/ diet sheet will be provided.

The cost of the initial consultation is €90 and any review appointment after that will be €50.

Health insurers cover Dietetic fees in the same manner as they cover GP fees. Contact your health insurer for further details. In addition, you may be entitled to reclaim part of the fees from The Revenue Commissioners. See for more information on this.

Maeve accepts all appointments and specialises in the following conditions:

Healthy Eating and Weight Management
Cardiac conditions
Malnutrition ( weight loss and poor nutrition due to a medical condition)
All surgical conditions
Eating disorders
Renal (kidney conditions)
All bowel conditions including inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome
Sports Nutrition

What is a Dietitian? Back to Home

A Dietitian or clinical nutritionist is someone who has a recognized qualification to allow them to practice in a hospital. Only qualified dietitians can become a member of the ‘Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute‘ (INDI). A qualified dietitian will usually have the letters ‘MINDI’ after their name and that will let you know if they are appropriately qualified to deal with diet and nutritional management in specific clinical conditions. Many dietitians work in industry and with professional sports teams. Very often a dietitian will work as part of a multidisciplinary team e.g. with a consultant physician, physiotherapist and psychologist to provide such services as weight management, diabetes care and cardiac care.

Who should see a Dietitian? Back to Home

Many medical conditions are treated predominantly by diet e.g. Diabetes, obesity, coeliac disease, cardiac conditions, anaemia, kidney disease and many bowel conditions,in conjunction with medical care.

If you have a diagnosed medical condition, needing treatment or surgery, getting advice and support from a dietitian can aid recovery and reduce the risks of complications such as weight loss, malabsorption, infection, poor wound healing, fatigue, anaemia. Seeing a dietitian can aid a faster recovery and result in less need for future medical intervention

You don't have to be unwell to see a dietitian and receive the benefits of having a good diet and lifestyle.

If you are overweight, underweight, tired, stressed, poor skin, low energy levels, low concentration levels or would like to achieve more from your personal and professional life. Improving your diet and lifestyle can make all the difference to your energy levels, confidence and concentration to achieve what you want from your life. Diet and lifestyle advice and support can enable you to live your best life.

Do you want to improve you sports performance or exercise results?

All top athletes receive training and education from dietitians. Why not improve your sport or exercise performance by talking with a dietitian. Diet and appropriate hydration can make all the difference.